Our history

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever..."

Erika Lingerie is first and foremost an atypical family affair. Our boutique tells the story of 5 sisters raised in harmony in well-known-for-its-beauty French island Corsica, united around a common passion perpetuated from mother to daughter for three generations.

The story begins in the 60s when Leria-Maria, the grandmother of the five sisters, seamstress by profession, introduces the little girls, from an early age, to the art of sewing in her creative workshop. Chaperoned by their Mamone (Corsican word for Grandma), the sisters discover with amazement lace, silk and velvet, while they put together pretty clothes for their dolls.

As they grow, deeply marked by the memory of their grandmother, the sisters nourish a passion for elegance and a common taste for things of beauty. They grudgingly separate when they leave Corsica in the 80s, but still their career choices push them towards jobs dedicated to female beauty. In Brittany, Marie-Louise opens a handcrafted jewel workshop while Leria goes into high-quality workmanship in leather clothes and accessories. Rosa, now living in Auvergne, specializes in wool. She learns to card, spin and weave this noble material. Martine, for her part, opens a beauty care center in Provence while Mattea takes up a ready-to-wear store in the Jura.

Although the 5 sisters live fulfilling lives, they resent their remoteness and languish their Isle of Beauty (as the French nicknamed Corsica). Nostalgic for their childhood and the time spent with their grandmother, they tirelessly admire lingerie shop windows, fascinated by precious materials and refined ornaments. Almost on a whim, they decide to combine their respective know-how into a new project: the opening of a luxury lingerie shop in Corsica, which represents a revolution at the time.

This project materializes quickly when a few months later in the early 90s, the 5 sisters settle in Corsica to embark on a new family adventure. The homecoming and the joy of their reunion give birth to a new lingerie shop, Erika, the culmination of a longstanding dream, in which they will then be able to express their creativity and taste for things of beauty. More than just a shop, the sisters create a real boudoir offering women the opportunity to feel more attractive and providing them with expert advice in order to guide them in the best way with the choice of their fine lingerie depending on their morphology and personality.

The 5 sisters give themselves body and soul for the satisfaction of their customers, constantly take further their personalized advice and try to perfect their mastery of corsetry. They are also the key to the success of the shop that has a loyal local clientele of all ages. A risky but winning bet : Erika is now the No. 1 lingerie store in the Isle of Beauty.

In 2015, in line with a more-than-20-year experience serving beauty and women, Erika Lingerie turns a new page in its history and launches its online store to share its know-how and ancestral love of noble materials and things of beauty.

And the adventure continues...